At Rose Rock Bridge, we support physical sciences technologies that propel hard-to-abate industries to
meet their innovation and sustainability goals.

We’re all about powering tomorrow's technology
Rose Rock Bridge is an incubator program supported by an extensive network of leaders across industry, venture capital, and startup support.
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Kastle Jones
Managing Director
Will Brueckner
Platform Manager
Joanna Jeffries
Community & Operations Manager
Prutha Atre
Innovation Manager

Advisory Board

Jennifer Hankins
Managing Director, Tulsa Innovation Labs
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Greg Lusardi
SVP, Corporate Development, ONEOK
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Trey Lowe
CTO, Devon Energy
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Andrew Lackner
Managing Director, Energy Innovation Capital
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Kyle Haustveit
Manager, Devon Energy Ventures
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Dave Clouse
Managing Director, Energy Innovation Capital
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Eric Weeldreyer
Vice President, Argonaut Private Equity
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John Schwarck
Vice President, ONEOK Ventures
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Steve Mitchell
CEO, Argonaut Private Equity
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Reid Spears
Managing Director, George Kaiser Family Foundation
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Chris Miller
Director, H&P Ventures
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Pete Burgess
Vice President, Treasurer, Williams
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Our network

Portfolio Startups
Startup Support
Govt. & Community
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