Non Dilutive Financing

Unlike equity investment, which often requires relinquishing ownership, grants provide non-dilutive financing. Government grants are offered to consortiums as well as individuals via calls, prizes, loans, and loan guarantees.

R&D Facilities

Grants provide access to cutting-edge labs, speeding prototype refinement. Collaboration with public and private labs, academic and industry partnerships accelerates R&D and improves chances of technology success.

Infrastructure Support

Along with lab access, granting agencies facilitate equipment procurement for R&D or pilot projects from leading industry providers and public laboratories at subsidized costs. Additionally, most grants offer office space access to entrepreneurs.

Business Services

For bootstrapped entrepreneurs, operational expenses alongside R&D costs can be challenging. Grants frequently allocate resources for free business services like legal and financial advice, recruiting, intellectual property support, and business strategy guidance.


Grants  open doors to events, workshops, and conferences. These opportunities expose startups to industry leaders, investors, and mentors. Networking events provide a platform for showcasing innovations, attracting investment, and finding potential collaborators.

Go-to-Market Support

Grants take various forms, sometimes as contracts for commercial deployment, allowing winners to field-test their technologies. Grants offered by collaborations across different government agencies provide support for expanding into new geographies.